Bigpoint Games, Accept Bitcoin !

Saturday, 21 September 2013 21:51 mmoraw

Bigpoint has shifted to allowing users to purchase virtual in-game items with bitcoins.

'' German online game developer Bigpoint has shifted to allowing users to purchase virtual in-game items with bitcoins. As a video game developer, the company has been huge in the free-to-play market where games are released for free to giant audiences and money is made by publishers through selling virtual items in the games themselves—this has long been touted as the perfect place for a virtual currency (such as Bitcoin) to be the go-to-currency.

BitPay has become the bitcoin processor for Bigpoint, adding yet-another-feather to BitPay’s already swelling cap in the bitcoin-payment market. Benefits of BitPay and Bitcoin being added to Bigpoint’s portfolio include increasing the total audience of gamers who can play the games—by making it possible for people who otherwise couldn’t spend money capable of buying items—but also through saving costs. Using processors such as Paypal and credit cards means giving huge cuts for processing that are greatly reduced by most BTC processors.
This is an awesome achievement for the Bitcoin community especially when we add that Bigpoint has licensed with HBO to host the upcoming MMORPG Game of Thrones Online. Judging by how popular Game of Thrones is as a book series and a TV series, this will bring a flood of customers right to Bigpoint’s door and even more people will be exposed to the potential of using BTC for virtual items and online transactions.
Virtual worlds, gaming, and spaces that exist primarily online and already trade in virtual currencies and virtual goods are a perfect market for BTC due to the already-virtual and already-global nature of gaming. On top of that, this weekend the Bitcoin network exceeded 1 petahash a second of processing power–a growth of almost 40x what it had been seeing in Janudary. And, Armory Technologies–the group behind the Armory Bitcoin Wallet–have raised $600k in an investment round to make their wallet even better than before. '' Read more about this subject at

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