Born to Fire - new first person shooter MMO Game announced by Aeria.

Monday, 21 May 2012 13:44 mmoraw

Born to Fire is a new character-driven first-person shooter and action of the game take place after Cold War when rules of engagement are thrown out the window and the world is a free-fire zone.

Character-Oriented FPS - execute cutting-edge team strategies by mastering an arsenal of skills. Choose from 5 classes packed with unique skills and individual flair.

One-click matchmaking - a single clicks gets you all the adrenaline you can handle through a data-driven matching system designed to offer ruthless but fair competition.

The 16 maps, 5 intense modes, and endlessly customizable items will get any pulse racing, whether you think like a strategist, trigger man, or gearhead. Crank it up even more in an exhilarating 8 vs. 8 match. The five classes available for play are Rifleman, Duelist, Ranger, Heavy-Hitter, or Warden; each comes with unique backstory, tactics, and a fully-customizable arsenal.

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