Game of Thrones, recently announced

Monday, 12 March 2012 07:15 mmoraw

"Game of Thrones" is a the brand new fantasy free to play MMORPG, based on the massive hit HBO TV series with the same name(Game of Thrones) , is coming soon to your browser.

Game of Thrones is set in George R.R. Martin's fantasy world and the playable areas span from The Wall in the North, to the southern areas beyond King’s Landing. Martin's fiction is full of violence and backstabbing, after all, which is why the game is being built as primarily a PvP game.

In terms of the actual mechanics of combat, there will be no auto-attack. You'll move with WASD and attack with 1, 2 and 3 keys, which correspond to light, medium and heavy attacks. If you combine the attacks in the right ways you'll trigger combos and attack faster, and can perform special combo finishers. There isn't really a strict class system. Instead, you select skills as you go, and there'll be around 60 available at launch. There'll also be a weapon leveling system, which should help out if you happen to find a weapon you really like.

Sadly in "Game of Thrones" there likely won't be nudity and the level of violence won't be quite as extreme as what's seen on HBO TV series but at least fighting system seems quite advanced in order to catch our interest, hopefully.


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