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Closed Beta Sign Up now available for DarkEden

Closed Beta Sign Up now available for DarkEden

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 19:57 mmoraw

The closed beta launch of DarkEden is set to begin November and now you can Sign Up for closed beta.

DarkEden is the first free to play online game with vampires, of course the game is dedicated to the vampires matter, it will be with vampire and about them. Do not worry the game will probably gona have all the features of a normal game (maybe not a bad idea to hope that the game will not have them :)). DarkEden will also have conflicts based on racial differences between clans of vampires.

It is set in a country called Eslania, there are master vampires and they need to gain power so they search for the pieces of Lilith’s soul (The mother of all vampires), which were scattered about the area of Helea. Unwilling to share such power, they break their alliance and begin a civil war.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 November 2011 20:42