Siegelord - The 4.1 Update

Sunday, 24 January 2016 21:36 mmoraw

The browser-based SLG Siegelord just announces its version 4.1 update.

New features not only include new Faction quests, new battlefields and various new in-game events, but more excitingly, it sees the introduction of Germany into the Cross-Continent Faction Battle hosted from 28th Jan. to 30th Jan. In the last Cross-Continent Fraction Battle, English-speaking factions battled it out against French-speaking factions for honor and glory. The French came out slightly on top after the bloody battle came to a close. This time, German troops are sharpening their blades and gathering their troops in preparations to enter the fray, making the challenge even tougher, but more exciting at the same time.

New faction quest “Occupation Streak” gives the attacking side an advantage and a higher chance to get better rewards. Players will also be pleased to see the newly added battlefield ramp which gives their troops a buff when entering fortresses from the highland.
Additionally, up to 7 new in-game events such as “Gem Ablution” and “Slot Machine” are ready to go live, giving out abundant free rewards.

Play and prepare for the new “3 Kingdom Battle” at:

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