The SKIES - 30 days left of Kickstarter campaign, players have the oportunity to make a fantastic game, become reality.

Sunday, 23 November 2014 13:24 mmoraw

Fight for Survival in a Radioactive Post-Apocalyptic World: Fund “The Skies” Kickstarter Campaign.

Eforb Games, an independent game development studio focusing on rich and engaging cross-platform games, today asked gamers to help bring its Free-to-play post-apocalyptic title, the real-time multiplayer RPG The Skies , to PC and Mac in Q2 2015 by supporting its newly-launched Kickstarter campaign. The Skies, which is inspired by the sci-fi novel “Skies”, will feature a rich 3D world where players explore vast regions and cities, passing quests, trading resources and engaging in battle for power. The Kickstarter campaign, which will run through December 23, 2014, will be used to fund core development efforts, with stretch goals including expansions of The Skies franchise to mobile and console platforms including iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox.

" What makes us different from many participants is that we already have a working alpha version and right after the end of Kickstarter campaign we will be providing the access to some functionality for our bakers! So, you have all chances to be the first who will see this really outstanding game world and whose feedback will be appreciated and considered by our developers. "

Designed in Unity3D, The Skies is centered on a real-time evolving experience in which each player’s action causes a change in the world, including relationships with characters, factions and other events. Players engage in battle across the mountains in the West and the desert in the East as well as cities in the North and South. According to the legend, the great city “Skies” is mankind’s last hope for survival. Unique to The Skies is a multi-level economy system and a multi-tiered resource production system that depend on the player actions in game, a non-linear storyline where players can combine online games and a single pass, and a world that evolves and scales over time.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can receive a number of rewards, including:
 - Full 3D model of the backer in-game as a player or NPC
 - Autographed collectors edition box of The Skies game
 - Additional mini quests in-game named after the backer
 - Exclusive early access to the site forums
 - And much more…

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