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Saturday, 30 March 2013 09:07 florinel33

Battlemons is a browser based simulation game, Role-Playing Game (RPG), free to play on web browser, from Traviangames.

"In Battlemons, the player takes on the role of a Battlemon trainer and starts the game with an egg from which their very own Battlemon hatches. Whether Furry, Fireclaw, Thorntail or King Dragon, each breed of Battlemon has its own, unique characteristics. The little prizefighters aren’t too difficult to raise – they just need to be fed, cared for and trained. They go through several different phases from baby through to full-grown Battlemon. Later in the game it is possible to breed new Battlemons with two of the same kind to trade the offspring on the market."

"Battlemons players spend a lot of time in the village as this is the location of the stables where their Battlemons can regenerate, the training hall where the feisty little brawlers are toughened up for combat, and the market place where players can buy potions to temporarily increase their Battlemons’ strength and intelligence. The arena is where these little warriors finally meet to do battle. A Battlemon’s victory depends on the tactics and skill of its human trainer. The browser game automatically ensures that every player is fairly matched with a worthy opponent. The victor wins gold, battlecoins and fame. But Battlemons has even more to offer: players are soon exploring the huge planet in search of its many Battlemon eggs and useful Battlemon artifacts."





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