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Braveland Heroes PC

Braveland Heroes PC

Friday, 04 January 2019 22:16 mmoraw

Braveland Heroes is a Free-to-play , Strategy Turn-Based Multiplayer Game featuring a PvE and PvP game modes .

Braveland Heroes - one of the best old-school mobile turn-based RPG strategy ! The king's scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was perfidiously stolen from the throne room. The kings have summoned the mightiest heroes of magic and offered a generous bounty to the person, who returns it.

key Game Features :

- Free PvE and PvP game modes

- Hand drawn HD game world

- Right from the start, you may choose between 3 heroes : a Barbarian, a Pirate, and a Sorceress .

- Creating and upgrading weapons and ammunition

- A full range of unique battles with unexpected twists

- Dungeons with random-generated battles and worthy rewards

- An abundance of powerful artifacts

- Each hero adheres to a unique academy of pure battle magic which completely changes the course of the battle

- And, of course, the party’s headliners - the insidious bosses .

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