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ELOA [Elite Lord of Alliance] is a Free, Fantasy Action Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG, inspired by Anime characters with both point-and-click and keyboard controls.

Elite Lord of Alliance or, for short ELOA is an anime-inspired triple-action hack 'n' slash MMORPG, with familiar action RPG controls and an isometric view of the character. Players can choose between one of 5 playable classes among 4 races, with each class having access to 3 combat stances. ELOA’s unique gameplay revolves around tactically switching between the three stances mid-combat, with each stance offering a different play-style and purpose. ELOA is set in a vibrant, open world full of PvP battles, quests & dungeon raids. It comes with an instance party finder system, and features an extensive pet & costume system to suit all players.

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