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Arena of Evolution

Arena of Evolution

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 23:10 mmoraw

Arena of Evolution is a Game on Android , Strategy Card , New free and Multiplayer .

Original Auto Chess Pieces, 60+ Original Chess Pieces, 100+ Commander Skins, 60+ Match Scenes, immersive strategy + micromanagement experience, summon and strengthen heroes, link synergies, different strategies collide on the battlefield, Commander Ford, what’s the next step .

A new play mode : Gemini

Chess alone is no longer lonely, feel your presence through the screen. Share chess pieces on-screen, quickly form lineups. You can:

Join forces with voice chat for the win!

Sacrifice yourself for your teammate!

Lead hectic converging battles!

A beautiful game interface and immersive combat experience

13 original races, including Mechs, Kraken, Psykers and Beasts… And the newest edition, the Panda Masters! In addition:

Only in March:

Commander Skin - Heroic Commander Ford

Gate Skin--Classic Battle Ground

Hero Skin - Dignified Sakura Girl

Chess Board Skin - Taekwondo Ceremony

[New Season 4 SNK Pieces join the battle]

Authorized by SNK, the new [Fighter] race, recreating the classics:

Nakoruru--Kamui Mutsube, Mother Nature's Guardian!

Mai Shiranui--Kunoichi no Mai, Sorry for the wait, let’s go!

Athena Asamiya--Shining Crystal, Athena arrives .

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2020 23:15