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Armor Blitz

Armor Blitz

Monday, 31 October 2016 11:47 mmoraw

Armor Blitz is a Free-to-play Android, Role-Playing RPG, Anime Tank Girls, Multiplayer Game featuring anime art style, with a unique theme of anthropomorphic tank characters.

Armor Blitz features the anime art style, with a unique theme of anthropomorphic tank characters. Each character represents a historical World War era military tank, in the form of a human girl. It boasts a distinctive mixture of RPG elements, Collectible Card mechanics, and Real-time Strategy. Inspiration for the design was drawn from popular overseas titles like Kantai Collection, which are not available in the West.

Each character’s card arts are drawn by various anime artists from around the world. Renowned artists such as Rosuuri, SquChan, and Ellsat are just a few of the contributors that work closely with the Armor Blitz team to develop characters.

- BEAUTIFUL ANIME ART STYLE, the game features beautifully drawn characters inspired by the anime medium.

- UNIQUE COLLECTIBLE CARDS, Each tank and card has hints of background coming from their historical past, drawn with Japanese anime style.

- STRATEGIC REAL TIME COMBAT, A mixture of traditional collectible card game mechanics with real time combat. Manage your army both on AND off the battlefield.

- TAKE CONTROL OF THE BATTLE, Use abilities, call in reinforcements, and carefully deploy your tanks to yield victory. A true military fight.

- ENGROSSING STORYLINE, The story is told through a visual novel system with hand painted backgrounds and impressionable dialogue. Enter a new world of roleplaying.



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