Thursday, 12 September 2013 09:19 florinel33

GodZ is a Facebook based social game, city builder (empire builder), multiplayer strategy game, free to play on Facebook, from Yucca Studios.

In GodZ the player take the role of a God, and his task is to grow a small civilization into something much bigger, and to expand and protect his land.

Player can increase the village population by building homes, can build military structures for training troops, and temples and other religious buildings to train prophets. Each type of citizen has his role: soldiers battle against opposing forces, citizens can become Settlers used to expand into new land squares, prophets can evangelize other players’ citizens, and so on.

There are several main resources like food, wood and stone, along with more whimsical items, such as Minotaur dust. Resources are exploited in quarries and lumber mills, etc., but require time to be gathered, and will produce different amounts of materials, depending on how long a player wishes to wait.

GodZ give a lot of quests to complete, like: building structures, expanding village, etc., and player must balance the use of a variety of resources.


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