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Thursday, 04 July 2013 06:20 florinel33

ChronoBlade is a browser based multiplayer action role playing game, RPG, free to play on Facebook, that features side-scrolling hack-and-slash gameplay, coming from nWay.

Players take the role of an inter-dimensional hero, Aurok, and his mission is to preventing the evil Chronarch Imperium from reach its goal - destroying each world in the Multiverse. The player will fight on many strange realms of the Multiverse, looking for the truth behind the Chronarch war, and unleash the power to save all worlds.

ChronoBlade has side-scrolling hack-and-slash mechanics and the players have to defeating waves of inter-dimensional enemies with a wide range of combos and special abilities. The player has at his disposal a full character customization and a various skill trees.

" Key Features:

- Real-Time Multiplayer Game Play - players can team up with friends to play synchronously in Co-op Mode or competitively in PvP mode.

- Competitive Combat - each character has over 30 punishing ground and air attacks that can be used together to perform powerful chain combos. Attacks can be dodged, blocked and countered so skill and timing are key elements of competitive game play.

- Hyper-Accessibility - ChronoBlade will launch on the browser as a Flash-based free-to-play game so there are no large files to download and players can hop in and start playing instantly.

- Graphics & Technology - characters, enemies and combat are displayed with stunning 3-D visuals using Adobe Flash Player's Stage3D hardware accelerated graphics. Proprietary back-end tech enables minimal player lag and a streamlined player lobby system.

- Open-Ended Character Progression - players can choose from a variety of characters, as well as build up offensive and defensive skill trees to create characters that best fit their playing styles. "


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