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AMC The Walking Dead Social Game

AMC The Walking Dead Social Game

Saturday, 29 December 2012 19:59 florinel33

AMC The Walking Dead Social Game is a free to play Facebook social game, RPG strategy, based on popular TV series The Walking Dead.

The game puts the players in the role of a survivor, who attempting to make the best choices in a Walker-infested world, and they have the possibility to customize and develop the personage giving them new abilities. AMC The Walking Dead Social Game is a tactical role-playing game who give the players a multitude of missions, like main story missions and TV missions. The producer trying to recreate the original TV series athmosphere, who give the players the feeling they are deeply involved in the story.

Most of the missions involve defeating the Walkers, gathering supplies, or both of these - defeating Walkers and gathering supplies. Fighting system of the game is turn-based, and players must consume energy for all actions, including movement. Because of it, a single energy point will only allow the player to move a limited distance, and it is very easy to run out of energy without carefully plan their actions. Between missions, players have the occasion to talk to other survivors in the camp and acquire new things to do.




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