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Aion Online

Aion Online

Monday, 05 March 2012 00:46 mmoraw

Aion Online is a Role Playing MMO Game featuring nice graphics and robust storyline.

Aion is now, after years of pay to play model, finally relaunched as a free game to play and give users the chance to experience the game in a more freely manner. In Aion you not only play with other players, also you battle a deadly ancient evil an epic story, adventure and fantasy. The fantasy world of Atreia is the setting for this game, a beautiful world that is split in two where each side is inhabited by two factions the Elyos and the Asmodians which, as we have already accustomed, are in conflict.There are 4 classes, used for each faction.

Lets start with the basics namely the character creation that is very in depth, and ranges from changing the color of your hair, eyes, and skin to changing your height, muscle tone, or size of the caracter. You can also can change the shape of your face and generally your entire body.

Combat in Aion is not so different from other games but it does include a range of chain skills. The magic skills grow automatically, the more you use them, with so they will grow faster in level.

This game is another game where the work of a hero is to collect flowers, kill animals and collect sacks of grain. Quests are of two kinds,"Campaign" and "Standard". The campaign quest are basically the quest to do in order to advance the story line with your character, whereas the standard quest are side quest that other npcs (non playable caracter) give you along the way.

Overall Aion is quite a playable game but is too oriented to long and boring hours of grinding especially after reaching level 12, when the game isn't as fun that in the beginning was. Considering that it has graphics that look good, even now, after so long time that has passed since the first release, it could be an option for second game to play.


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