Turn Based Strategy (MMOTBS)

( 2 Votes )

BloodRealm [Battlegrounds] is a Free to play CCG [Collectible Card Game] MMO Game where you battle your enemies using Champions, Allies, and Spells.

( 8 Votes )

HEX Shards of Fate is a Free-to-play Trading Card MMO Game [MMOTCG].

( 5 Votes )

Infinity Wars is a free-to-play animated Digital, Trading Card Game [TCG]

( 5 Votes )

DRAKERZ Confrontation is a Free-to-play collectible, trading card game (TCG) MMO Game featuring the first augmented reality game for PC.

( 3 Votes )

Canaan Online is a Free to play Browser-Based ( BB ) Role Playing MMO Game set in a manga universe.

( 7 Votes )

Dragon Heart [Online] is a Turn based [TBS] Free to Play, Role-Playing Strategy MMO Game [MMORPG].

( 3 Votes )

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is an Indie Free to Play , Collectible Card MMO Game [CCG] with battles played in turns.

( 6 Votes )

Sentinel Heroes is a Free to play, role-playing Game merged with Turn-Based Strategy (TBS).

( 5 Votes )

Aerena [ÆRENA] is a Free-to-play tactical, Turn-Based MMO Game in an original Ætherpunk setting.

( 4 Votes )

Duty of Sentinel is a Free to play , Role Playing MMO Game merged with turn based strategy TBS, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about the Epic War between Sentinel and Scourge.

( 2 Votes )

Gems of War is a Free-to-play Puzzle [match-3 puzzle] Role-Playing [RPG] hybrid Game, a genre as deep as RPGs are married with one as seemingly shallow like match-3 puzzle.

( 5 Votes )

Pox Nora is a Turn-based Strategy [TBS] Free-to-Play MMO Game.

( 2 Votes )

Toribash is a Free-to-Play Strategic, Turn-Based Fighting MMO Game based on an physics sandbox mode.

( 1 Vote )

Angel Alliance is a Free to play Turn Based Strategy combined with Role Playing elements, MMO Game set in a world of heroes, magic, and Angels.

( 3 Votes )

Legend of Slayers is a Browser Based, Free to play 2D Turn Based, Role Playing MMO Game.


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