Shooter (MMOS)

( 2 Votes )

Codename CURE is a Free to Play, co-operative FPS [First Person Shooter] Game against Zombies.

( 4 Votes )

Counter Strike Nexon : Zombies [CSN:Z] is a Free to Play FPS MMO Game with Zombies.

( 2 Votes )

Digger Online is a Free to Play [F2P], Sanbox MMO Game with additional Shooter mods.

( 8 Votes )

Red Crucible [Firestorm] is a Free to Play FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO Game, a Shooter where you can use advanced weapons and vehicles to dominate the battlefield.

( 2 Votes )

Warface is a Free to Play [F2P] First Person Shooter [FPS] MMO Game.

( 2 Votes )

Hounds The Last Hope is a post apocaliptic, Free-to-play Shooter MMO Game featuring role playing elements.

( 9 Votes )

Metro Conflict is a Free to play FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO [Massively Multiplayer Online] Game featuring near futuristic weapons.

( 5 Votes )

Rise of Flight [United] is a Free to play, WWI [World War one] realistic Flight simulator, Shooter MMO Game featuring advanced physics and damage model.

( 3 Votes )

Batla Shooter is a Free to Play Shooter MMO Game with violent Robots.

( 6 Votes )

Piercing Blow is a Free-to-Play First Person Shooter FPS MMO Game.

( 4 Votes )

World of Warships is a Free-to-play, Naval warfare Shooter MMO Game dedicated to the naval clashes of the 20th century.

( 4 Votes )

UberStrike is a Free to play FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO Game, one of the first and largest Shooter built using the Unity game engine.

( 6 Votes )

Dirty Bomb is a Free to play Team Based FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO Game.

( 1 Vote )

Rustbucket Rumble is a 2D Free to Play [F2P] side-scrolling, Multiplayer Shooters Game - it’s capture-the-flag where the players are the flags.

( 4 Votes )

Hounds Last Hope is a Free to Play FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO Game.


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