Shooter (MMOS)

( 1 Vote )

MicroVolts Surge is Free-to-play, Third-Person Shooter FPS, MMO Game featuring dynamic cartoon style graphics and intense fast-paced gameplay.

( 1 Vote )

Tanki X is a Free-to-play, fast-paced Shooter MMO Game with futuristic Tanks.

( 1 Vote )

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt is a F2P, Ship simulator, Shooter Multiplayer Game taking place in the Age of Piracy.

( 1 Vote )

BrainBread 2 is a F2P action packed, fast-paced Shooter Multiplayer Game FPS, a zombie First-Person Shooter mixed with RPG Arcade elements.

( 2 Votes )

Evolve Stage 2 is a Free-to-play, Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring addictive 4v1 gameplay.

( 9 Votes )

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) is a Free-to-play, First Person Shooter , military FPS, MMO Game.

( 2 Votes )

TOXIKK is a Free-to-play, Retro Arena, First Person Shooter FPS, MMO Game aiming to take players back to the roots of online shooting.

( 2 Votes )

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online is a Free 2 play, First Person Shooter FPS Multiplayer Game featuring "sharing" skills with teammates.

( 1 Vote )

SpellKnights is a F2P Fantasy, Third-Person Shooter Multiplayer Game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

( 6 Votes )

BlackShot Mercenary Warfare FPS is a Free-to-play, First-Person Shooter MMO Game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

( 2 Votes )

Paladins is a Free-to-play, Team-based Shooter Strategy MMO Game in a Fantasy World of ancient technology.

( 4 Votes )

Fractured Space is a Pay to win unbalanced, pathetic copy of World of Tanks aspiring to be a Team-based Spaceship Shooter, Multiplayer Game.

( 1 Vote ) The Game is a Free 2 play Skill-based Action, Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring Incredibly addicting gameplay.

( 1 Vote )

Alien Swarm is a Free-to-play squad-level tactics, top down perspective, Shooter co-op Multiplayer Game and complete code base available for free.

( 3 Votes )

Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) is a Free-to-play third-person shooter Multiplayer Game.


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