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Stronghold Kingdoms
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Stronghold Kingdoms, the free to play castle MMO. Construct great strongholds to last the test of time Layout your castle carefully to withstand even the greatest of armies.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a new strategy game developed by Firefly Studio. Playing Stronghold Kingdoms, you can experience more features that are different from other browser games. For example, you can besiege an uncultivated castle, subvert oppressors and tyrants, fund your guild, loot and plunder your friends or enemies’ resources! Play in the simulation of medieval life, and play in real time against thousands of online opponents striving for honor and glory.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a completely original MMORTS fusing the worlds of Real Time Strategy, Online gaming and Medieval warfare together. Created by Firefly Studios, the Stronghold series has flourished over the years, seeing a great rise in the way we play RTS games. This is the next logical step, adding to an already legendary, classic series.

Stronghold Kingdoms brings to the MMO world an economy driven, warfare motivating, real-time medieval castle simulation. You have the ability to not only create your dream castle, but wage war on anyone you see fit too. You can join other players and form alliances, even dabble in the odd bit of spying. Communication between players is vital on an MMO.

Stronghold has been quoted as being a mixture of a browser and client based MMO. It works very much like a browser based game, communicating with a server over the web. The PC client enables the developer to be much richer graphically than a browser based game, with richer controls and better response and feedback. Basically Stronghold Kingdoms sits somewhere between ’Stronghold’ the RTS game and browser based games.


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