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War Of Ninja
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War Of Ninja is a Browser Based, Free to play, tactical, Turn Based MMO Game.

In War of Ninja, you take control over a group of three ninja and battle it out against your opponents. Combat takes place in a turn-based environment where you'll have to beat your opponent by out smarting him with better tactics and strategies. Your opponents include other players like yourself and challenging computer controlled bosses.

War of Ninja features several ladders for you and your clan to compete in. Quickly fight towards fame in the streak ladder, or prove your skill in the points ladder. The matchup system ensures you'll be battling opponents of your own skill level. This will make your matches challenging, but fair.

During your journey through the world of War of Ninja you will meet many powerful ninja clans. By doing missions and helping them in their struggles, you will earn gold and respect. There are currently over 25 unique characters to unlock and in the shops you will be able to buy plentiful items to even further customize your strategy.






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