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Naruto Spirit
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Naruto Spirit is a Free to play, Role Playing MMO Game based on the popular anime Naruto.

Naruto Spirit is a ninja-themed MMORPG basedon the popular anime Naruto, featuring three ninja genres,instinctive game plays and ninjutsu. In Naruto Saga, there are up to 10 types of partners for players to choose to form their own battle formation. Of course, before the battle starts, you should select up to 3 partners you wish to use in the battle and set them on array. You can arrange their position in the formation according to their genre.

Players have 100 Recruit Points every day, each time you recruit a partner, you will spend 20 Recruit Points. If you are lack of Recruit Points, you can use Ingots or Coupon to recruit partner. Different partners may require different amount of card shards, you need to collect the same amount of shards as required to unlock that partner.

Naruto Saga adopts turn-based combat under 1v1 mode, allowing each side to have up to 3 partners on the formation and battle one by one. Each partner has 4 active skills and 2 passive skills that shall be wisely used in the battle. Some skills support QTE mode. While you use skills, letter combos will be randomly triggered. If you press the right keys, the skill power will be enhanced. Naruto Saga gets all effects you can think of, including repelling, weather, etc.

Every character has its unique skill, if players want to experience and use these skills, they can use the “Transformation” option. The game will provide players many characters to transform. When reaching the required level, the player will be able to activate the character. To transform, firstly, the player need to match transformation level with that character. Choose the character that they want to change and click “Transform” to finish. When transforming, they players can earn bufffrom the character and also use the skill that character possesses.




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