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Critter Conquest

Critter Conquest

Friday, 27 December 2013 15:31 florinel33
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Critter Conquest is a Facebook based social game, multiplayer and singleplayer city buider and strategy battle game, you are the ruler of a Critter Kingdom and build the strongest kingdom, raise an army and conquer your enemies, is free to play on Facebook, from ClipWire Games.

You are the ruler of a Critter Kingdom and tasked with building the strongest kingdom in all the land. You must raise an army and conquer your enemies, while also constructing defensive towers to protect your precious resources. Battles will require strategy and tactics (along with raw power) to win.

Build your town into a kingdom that no one would dare to attack. Send your army of critters into battle to crush anyone who challenges your power.

Engage in massive battles to claim your spot as the top conquerer in all of Critterland! Achieve glory for your kingdom and join a tribe with your friends to climb through the ranks or create your own to conquer all of Critterland.



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