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Magic Barrage
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Magic Barrage (MB) is a retro 8-bit style Action Adventure, Browser Based (BB) Free to play (F2P), Shooter MMO Game.

Magic Barrage is the one of the best ever free to play Barrage Hell browser game. With a retro 8-bit style, 8 classes and thousands of items to discover MB is easy to play but difficult to master.

World view: Long time ago, Crassus was always been the strong one from its tribe. He has been controlling soul weapon which has gigantic amount of power with ability to tempt souls.

Crassus has not been able to escape from the wicked corrosion, and the evil spirits was planted in its mind. Crassus dispatched demon troops and started to massacre human race, gradually the evil spirits swallowed almost everywhere of human planet. During this time, humans are starting to prepare, and gathering descendants of heroes. What is waiting for human race, victory or death? All the things are depending on YOU…




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