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Shining Force Online
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Shining Force Online is a fan made Free Retro style, Role Playing MMO Game from MMO veteran unFun Games.

This re-imagining of a classic franchise takes characters you are familiar with and puts them in an alternate universe, separate from the one SEGA created with their original titles. Shining Force Online is a unique MMO experience. It is completely story driven and tries to avoid the cliches that every other online RPG seems to have adopted.

The game can be played almost as if it's a completely single player title, but you can also interact with other players (if should choose to). The game is free. I don't mean "free to play" which means at one point you have to pay money to keep going. It's not "pay to win" either. You can't spend money on items, experience, or money. There is a shop where you can purchase the ability to chat with other players, but the gameplay is 100% free. Shining Force Online is designed to be challenging and to reward exploration.

Shining Force Online features a large cast of playable character (20+ from the original title!). It uses a combination of graphics from the Gameboy Advance remake (Resurrection of the Dark Dragon) and original art by unFun Games. This game is not intended to be canon inside the Shining Force universe. Therefore most storylines from SEGA's original games have been left untouched. Instead, you will see characters you recognize in completely new scenarios.



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