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Blade Hunter
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Blade Hunter is a Free to play , BB (Browser Based) side-scrolling beat 'em up MMO Role Playing Game.

Set in a vibrant fantasy world, Blade Hunter fuses classic side-scrolling beat 'em up gameplay with modern MMORPG features. Players will take one of three unique classes – Knight, Rogue, and Valkyrie – into battle, each with an arsenal of powerful abilities. Thanks to time-tested combat mechanics, players of all skill levels will be able to execute aerial combos on a wide array of enemies, including screen-spanning bosses inspired by myth and legend.

The Arena offers a great environment for players to fight against one another. Opponents are matched based on character attribute data collected by the server. You will see five opponents at a time, in which you may challenge any of them. Your new ranking will then be calculated depending on the results of your challenge. Whether you win or lose a challenge, you will always gain Gold and Honor. Players may participate in the Arena 10 times a day, with a cooldown for every attempt, however Diamonds may be consumed to end a cooldown. Arena rewards, based on ranking, are then sent out every 48 hours.

While Blade Hunter can be enjoyed solo, and all characters can gather and equip AI sidekicks, players that form parties and Guilds will gain the strength to take on any challenge. The most determined players will unlock Bladesouls, spirits of war that can change the course of any encounter, from time-limited multiplayer events to ranked cross-server PvP duels.



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