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Warfare Online
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Warfare is a Free to play War-themed Strategy, Role Playing MMO web Game.

Warfare is a war-themed strategy RPG web game, players can choose from land, air, and sea forces. Each force has four types of soldiers (Heavy, Ranged, Assault, Assist) and three types of units (vanguard, center guard and a rear guard). Players can mix and match armies and use their different abilities to cope with different situations and enemies. Players can also develop their island, build up forces, then come up with the ultimate strategy against the terrorists of the Dark Alliance and others who would see the world burn. Players can also recruit different historical figures from foreign countries, challenge other generals, battle against dungeon bosses, and even compete with each other to see who’s the best!

Early in the game, players will be asked to choose one of three different military forces: Ground Force, Air Force, and Navy. When you use Ground Forces, your Luck stat will be increased. Luck will increase a troop's Dodge and Hit rate. Additionally, Ground Forces are good against the Navy, but weaker against Air Forces. When you use the Navy, your Military stat will be increased. Military is used to increase a troop's Defense and Healing. Additionally, the Navy is good against Air Forces, but weaker against Ground Forces. When you use Air Forces, your Command stat will be increased. Command affects a troop's attack order. Additionally, Air Forces are good against Ground Forces, but weaker against the Navy. Players should not worry about which to choose, as the different types can be easily switched between at any time. However, the bonuses gained from upgrading your Navy, for example, will not be applied to the Army.

Before a battle starts, players can organize their generals in a 3x3 formation. In the first row is where the Spearhead Forces sit. Utilizing their superior defence, they can take the most hits and act as a shield for the rest of your forces. In the second row are your Middle Forces. Usually, these troops boast amazing offence, but rather weak defence. In the third row are the Rear Forces. These troops are responsible for healing, but many also utilize attack skills or hacking skills to disrupt the enemy forces.

With a total of 5 generals under the player’s command (including the Chief General who must stay in the Middle Forces), a variety of formations can be seen. Those favoring balance might choose a 1-2-2 build, while those favoring attack might go for 1-3-1. If you like to play the war of attrition, you can even go 2-1-2, or 3-1-1. Depending on what generals the player has recruited, numerous play styles exist.

Generals are play a huge role in your combat ability. In addition to yourself, the Chief General, four other generals will fight by your side. Generals are usually recruited through the Hall of Fame, but certain ones can also be gained by completing campaign levels.







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