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League of Angels
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League of Angels is a Free to play , Browser Based (BB) Role Playing MMO Game where you Battle the forces of evil, with Angels by your side.

League of Angels transports players to a turbulent world full of adventure and beauty. Players have to fight back the forces of darkness, as they work tirelessly to save not a single damsel in distress, but a whole league of beautiful angels, who have had the source of their powers, the Seal of the Life, stolen from them.

The game has a new feature, known as “Holistic Leveling”, making the player’s Angel not just another pet, but their most powerful weapon. Most browser games have a very simple system of leveling up, and transferring stats. League of Angels allows you to upgrade various aspects of your Angel, including skills, and perks for your team. Your angels is not just a pretty thing that boosts your stats; it is the life of your party.

In League of Angels, gone are the days when you needed to start a new character, on a new server, just to play with your friends! The game has put a special focus on PVP, and particularly cross-server PVP. Whether it is 3 vs. 3 arena battles, 5 vs. 5 king of the hill, or even 10 vs. 10 capture the flag, you will never run out of excuses the pwn your friends, no matter which server they are hiding on.


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