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Mixta Fighter
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Mixta Fighter is a Free to Play, Facebook social, fighting video Game.

The Goals: To take a brand that is beloved by its target audience and by some characters that have a rapport with the public, and develop an everlasting digital product that will live on with the peculiar Mixta philosophy.

The Idea: Mixta Fighter, based on the mythical fighting videogame, sets against one another characters like Willix the duck, Mixto or the Lucky Chinese cat. It will be available on Facebook and it will be related to the real product because the pin codes found in the Mixta packaging will give access to exclusive parts of the game. There will also be several arcade machines for brand-related events with which you will be able to play Mixta Fighter.

The Results : An average of 3,500 players a month and hundreds of pin codes exchanged for new characters and skills in the first few weeks. The brand made a major shift by offering its followers an advergaming and, more importantly: the adventure goes on in the shape of new adaptations of Mixta Fighter, for example, at events.



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