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Asura Force
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Asura Force is a Free to Play , Role Playing MMO Game.

'' In Asura Force legend, there were five mighty deities in heaven in ancient time. They are Goddess Nuwa, Mortal King Cosmos, Water-god Gonggong, Fire-god Zoorong and War-god Xingtan. In order to compete for the throne of heaven, except Nuwa who prefers to bring benefits to common people wholeheartedly, other four deities led a great war every 500 years. Nevertheless, Cosmos was always the winner to be an emperor since the first war. Save the World: In a blink, time brings a great change to the world. After another millions of years, circumstances changed with the time. At present, demons run wild everywhere. Not only the earth, but the heaven is also in crisis. Now, the heavy responsibility of saving the world is entrusted to you. So why still hesitate? Act now! ''

Asura Force has two factions: Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe. Over millions of years, the accumulated rancour between Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe is too deep seated, and they kept fighting with each other all the time. Once they met in the wild, they always take up arms due to an uncomfortable word, while the winner will win laurels.

Force Sprite is a gorgeous treasure in Asura Force world. Everyone can have one, breed it and level up it, and soon you will cherish it more and would never let it go. When you reach level 10, a hint will remind you to visit NPC Force Sprite Child and get a “Force Essence”. As doing quest is one of major methods to level up, there are many quest types in Asura Force world.

When you begin to play and reach level 5, system will give you a Bear as mount. It can promote your move speed initially by 40%. When you are riding a mount, you can accept and hand in quest, but can’t use items, cast skill and do enhancement. You have to dismount firstly, and then do other operations.

The game have auto-fight function to reduce the boring feel of regular farming and let players enjoy game better. At most 3 skills can be used in Auto-fight. Skills will be used in order - from skill 1 to skill 3. If the previous skill is cooling down, the next skill which is not cooling down will be used; if all the three skills are cooling down, normal attack will be used. Every character has 720 points of Vigour value. Vigour value will be refreshed every day at a certain time. Vigour will be consumed when Auto-fight is activated. Every 10 seconds auto-fight consumes 1 point of Vigour. When Vigour value falls to zero, auto-fight function is not available to use. Vigour Pills can add your Vigour value. It can be found randomly in limited edition zone in Shop. Some calendar events also provide Vigour Pills as drops or reward.





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