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Seal Online - Eternal Destiny
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Seal Online - Eternal Destiny is a anime MMORPG.

Shiltz is a land under constant turmoil brought on by the battle between the humans and Bales protected by their two gods Elim and Balie. This war has started during the mythical era, and still continues today. But today, there isn't a single Bale living in Shiltz.
We cannot even imagine where the Bales have disappeared to, and what caused their disappearance, whether it was a certain event that effected the Bales.

Seal Online Eternal Destiny a vibrant atmosphere with its whimsical characters and colorful world. The anime MMORPG begins with six different classes to choose from, which can be upgraded to a second tier with two different pathways per class. The land of Shiltz comprise of quests that enable players to level their characters in an expansive world, while playing with others from around the globe.



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