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Rappelz is a Free to Play Role-Playing MMO Game featuring three different Races Asura, Gaia and Deva.

The core of Rappelz is its pet system. Every single character in Rappelz can train a pet to fight on his side with many different purposes (tanking, damage dealing, healing, support, etc…). There are currently 28 different creatures in the world of Rappelz with many different appearances, skills and abilities. The rarer your pet is, the more destructive your character will be. But Rappelz, like any other MMORPG is an experienced based game where your character will grow stronger when killing monsters, completing quests and learning new skills.

There are many dungeons in Rappelz. One of the most unique features of the game resides in owning a dungeon. Indeed, each guild in the game has the possibility to claim ownership of a dungeon and apply taxes on it when other players are exploring it. You can own a dungeon have proven yourself worthy by qualifying in a raid (called time attack) to challenge the current owner of the dungeon (called siege). Siege are scheduled every week.





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