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The Last Door
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The Last Door is a indie, Free to Play, Episodic, point-and-click, Adventure Game with low-res graphics and horror storyline.

The Last Door is being developed by a small team called The Game Kitchen, and is supported by the active collaboration of its community of players. Each chapters development is financed on a monthly basis thanks to donations from our generous players.

The donation system exist, so that players who can appreciate the amount of work and effort they put into each installment can support the game by making a donation, enabling them (indie game developer) to continue offering the game for free, for everyone to enjoy.

With just a small amount of your choice, you can unlock the most recently published Chapter. That is ideal for players who want to play right now, no hussle. If your donation is a bit more generous, you can get perks like unlocking all future content, the game soundtrack, and even a guest appearance in the Hall of Fame.

The aim of the game is to figure out a mystery through the eyes of Robert Devitt. It’s a full horror game, with a lot of tense atmosphere and even some jump scares at points. The indie game designers turn what could be a funny retro adventure on its head with a subtle supernatural horror story that has genuine shocks and an atmosphere designed to unease.

The game makes extensive use of flashbacks, dream sequences, and strong writing to take these pixelated characters and invest them with enough character that the horror of the situation (once revealed) really lands. You can help support The Last Door by contributing to their ongoing campaign on the official website.




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