Arcane Hearts is now in Open Bata

Friday, 15 November 2013 19:52 mmoraw
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Arcane Hearts is a Free to Play , Role Playing MMO Game playable in web browser.

Arcane Hearts OBT(Oen Beta) Build - the very first patch note, this patch note reflects the changes that have been made from the Closed Beta phase (Sept. 3 through Sept. 10, 2013) to the Open Beta phase.

-Level cap has been raised to Level 50
-Character name limit has been raised from 8 to 12 characters
-Experience level requirements have been decreased
-Can display equipment of each grade level in the chatbox
-Can deactivate the Shout filter
-UI has been updated so Korean text is no longer displayed, text does not overlap or get cut off, and some terms have been re-worded
-Cutscenes have new dialogue

[Game Systems]
-Bounty Hunting system has been added
-Zodiac system has been added
-Boss Crafting has been added
-Highlight bar appears over selected applicant in the Guild Wait List

-Dialogue for various quests have been updated
-“Insufficient Supplies” quest does not complete automatically
-Can use each Firewood Chopping item to complete “Wood Elims” quest
-Cannot get stuck between two altars in “Destroy Altar” quest
-Null daily quests have new names. These quests are titled as “[Hunt-a-thon]”.These are quests that are three parts long and must be completed before returning to NPC for completion.


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