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Kings of the Realm
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Kings of the Realm is a multi-platform free-to-play , Real Time Strategy (RTS) MMO Game set in a rich, persistent, medieval fantasy world of conquests, alliances and betrayals.

Kings of the Realm is a free-to-play massively multiplayer real-time-strategy game containing the back story of the fallen realm, hints on strategy and richly expand on details of the online world through an action-adventure fantasy novel. Kings of the Realm is a fantastic gaming experience that will appeal to fans of books ranging from The Hobbit to Game of Thrones. Gamers can play the same game across any connected device they wish, from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device, Windows Phone, a web browser or even on Facebook - what Barnwell calls ''seamlessly cross platform ''.

Imagine a game where you join forces with other players to build a kingdom. You might pledge fealty to a powerful duke for protection, or crush a rebellious knight. You may even conquer or bargain your way to the crown and tax your vassals to pay for your armies. Now imagine thousands of these realms, scrambling for wealth and power across a war-torn continent. Fragile alliances crumbling as new kingdoms rise from the ashes, vying for dominance.

Gameplay: - Build your settlement from a tiny encampment to a sprawling walled city with an army to match. - Strategically deep, asynchronous combat with a range of battle options. - Gather intelligence on your rivals with spies and scouts. - Interact with other players and see the balance of power and wealth on the vast map of Vinland.






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