Alteil Horizons - Kickstarter goal almost reached and 27 days remaining

Monday, 04 November 2013 23:39 mmoraw
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Alteil Horizons will be a turn based tactics card game.

Turn-based tactics card game with a battle grid by creators of Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile. Alteil Horizons is not quite there yet, but maybe a sneak peak will give everyone some fun stuff to be excited about.

The first stretch goal is going to be a marketplace / auction house for buying and selling between players. They re-calibrated the cost to put it at the 50K mark, a very doable 10K above funding.
For the next stretch goal they wanted something fun. We also wanted to add something to the game that would give the absolute maximum benefit to the players for the cost of backing it. Well, there is no greater benefit than… more game! More game means more content and more value. Because of that, they are going with the Coliseum Rules system. What this basically is going to be is a mix and match toolbox of game-play customizations. By adding a combination of these rules onto a Tournament, or an arena, or even an individual battle, it will essentially create an alternate gametype.
Alternate gametypes are great for card-based games, because cards or strategies that work in one might or might not work in another. To put it in gaming terms, each gametype will have its own metagame. Some examples would be deckbuilding limitations, changes in costs or starting resources, alternate win conditions and field conditions. This will be a big benefit for community run tournaments, which thrive on creative tweaks to the rules. And who knows? If a particular set of rules becomes popular, they can make it a permanent alternate gametype or Arena.


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