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Naruto Saga
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Naruto Saga is a ninja-themed, Free-to-play Role-Playing MMO Game.

Naruto Saga is a ninja-themed MMORPG basedon the popular anime Naruto, featuring three ninja genres,instinctive game plays and fantastic ninjutsu. Quest System is one of the main and common systems in game. The plots in the game are connected by quests. Players don't need to run to a specific NPC to take quest, as quests in this game are accepted automatically when player meets the condition. Quest can be divided into main, side, daily and other special types. The main plot unfolds through a series of main quests. Various plots might be triggered while you are doing a quest.

In Naruto Saga, there are up to 10 types of partners for players to choose to form their own battle formation. Of course, before the battle starts, you should select up to 3 partners you wish to use in the battle and set them on array. You can arrange their position in the formation according to their genre.

Naruto Saga adopts turn-based combat under 1v1 mode, allowing each side to have up to 3 partners on the formation and battle one by one. Battle Operation - press a skill key (which costs a certain Chakra) and the skill will be automatically released in next attack round, but if you don't press the key, it will be just a normal attack next round. Each partner has 4 active skills and 2 passive skills that shall be wisely used in the battle. Some skills support QTE mode. While you use skills, letter combos will be randomly triggered. If you press the right keys, the skill power will be enhanced. Naruto Saga gets all effects you can think of, including repelling, weather, etc.




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