CLR Cannons Lasers Rockets - moving toward release on Steam

Friday, 01 November 2013 12:48 mmoraw
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Cannons Lasers Rockets (CLS) will be available on Steam to everybody on Windows, Mac nad Linux alike as soon as the game is completed.

'' We bring out our first, still very early, playable version of our game! Now for the first time you can grab control of some of the ships and see for yourself what our approach to space combat feels like! And we've got something more that you'll no doubt find very interesting - an unusual game mode! We’re very excited to tell you about our new game mode, but first things first. You now can go and PLAY the game. To do it, follow this link:

and download the game client. It does not need any installation, just unpack it wherever you like. When you run the client, you’ll see a request for your password - which none of you have as of yet. You’ll need to press the “GUEST” button. This will let you enter the fully-functional game but will not save your progress between game sessions. ''

CLR is a free-to-play cross-platform multiplayer PvP/Co-op arcade space game. CLR provides 2D spaceship combat in 3D environment, wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles (achieved by selecting one of many starships and further customizing it with enhancements), and both Individual and clan-based gameplay.



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