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Rail Nation
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Rail Nation is a Free to play, Trains simulator Strategy MMO Game taking place into the romantic age of the railroad.

The player starts as the manager of a small railroad company with the goal of transporting as many goods as possible through the historic railroad eras of “Steam”, “Diesel” and “Electric”. The initial phase introduces the game mechanics. The winner of the subsequent “endgame”, is the player to generate the most prestige. A game round ends after about four months; this makes Rail Nation quite fast-paced for a browser game.

At first, your little steam locomotive can transport goods by freight car from one town to another. Each town needs the raw materials to develop and grow. Nearby factories produce or process the materials. For example, your trains must transport lumber to the joinery and then the planks it produces must be taken to the town. And why not take a load of coal from the mines on the journey back? This is how you generate cash that you can reinvest in your infrastructure. Your growing fleet must be maintained, expanded and modernized. New goods require different production chains; technologies must be researched and applied profitably. Every action has its consequences: Players are rewarded with more routes, more locomotive slots or improved opportunities for revenue generation.

Other players constantly affect underlying economy of the game as they compete for resources and it is vital that you choose your alliances wisely: Player partnerships can attract historic scientists who provide important bonuses. Members can also work together to optimize production chains, or use cash investments to control factories or unlock new character slots.



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