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Solstice Arena
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Solstice Arena is a multi-platform Free to Play, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Game.

Solstice Arena is all about action-packed Hero vs. Hero combat - three on three - that takes place in an arena that encourages both strategic and tactical decision-making. Three game modes make gameplay fun for new and experienced players: Solo vs. Bots, Co-op vs. Bots and Player vs. Player (notice no minions). And all modes use special matchmaking and queue system, it's safe to say multiplayer is one of the strongest aspects of this game.

On average, each play session lasts 10 minutes or less. Seriously. Whether on your couch or a lunch break, it's now actually possible to enjoy a fast and satisfying round of MOBA gameplay.

As Heroes play games, they earn experience out-side of the Arena that unlocks ability upgrades, and the option to pursue one of three different ability upgrade paths. Upgrading a Hero grants new combat mechanics, giving an ever-evolving spin on gameplay and strategy and a wider variety of challenges to overcome. Solstice Arena is free to play and fair to play. Players will have to earn those Hero upgrades. Players eager to make their Heroes stand apart can explore the extensive customization options, including skins and armor, available.






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