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Ghost Saga
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Ghost Saga is a Facebook based social game, ghost themed exploration game, free to play on Facebook, from Webgames.

Ghost Saga put the player in the role of fearless fighter against spooky ghosts. The exploration is a important part of this game, player explore the environment, uncover secrets of the Ghost Town, and defeat ghosts and other evil entities helped by his magical wand.

The storyline is guided by the quests, and the players have to complete them by bringing light to dark corridors and rooms, interacting with junk piles, searching bookcases, unlocking doors and so on. Also, players will have access to the town map, which contains additional locations to unlock and explore. Player will have acces to these locations as the storyline progresses, or by reaching a specific experience level.

The exploration process require energy to be done, every action like opening chests or clearing excess debris piles are energy consumers, so the players need to be careful on what planning to do.



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