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Mech Mice
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Mech Mice is a Browser Based, Free to Play, Turn-Based multi-platform Tactical squad MMO Game for kids aged ten and up.

Mech Mice takes place on the continent of Roden. Roden isn’t just desert - there are frigid mountains, murky swamps, rolling fields of grass, etc. The first 8 Mech Mice levels will be free for anyone to play. Mech Mice is multi-platform games : Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS and Android. You will need to download the Unity Web Player to be able to play this game.

Units are the Mech Mice that make up your squad. Each unit has their own special ability that is unique to them.

Squads are made up of the units you take to battle. You can create a custom squad in adventure mode. In story mode, your squad is chosen for you. You can have up to 5 units in a squad. Each chapter of Mech Mice takes between 2 to 4 hours to finish. On top of that, there are extra secrets and achievements to earn in adventure mode.




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