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Card Hunter

Card Hunter

Thursday, 12 September 2013 16:29 mmoraw
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Card Hunter is a Browser-Based Free to play, multi platform, role-playing collectible Card MMO Game using Flash and featuring a single player campaign.

In Card Hunter ,collectible card gaming meets classic fantasy adventuring, two great flavours are combined to generate a new game genre. Tired of pressing buttons while grinding away at quests? Card Hunter is all about skill – your skill at deck building and playing your cards. Tired of paying for endless new card sets? Card Hunter lets you win by playing, not by paying.

If you get trounced by a new set of monsters, pay attention to which of their cards gave you the most trouble, then re-equip your party to deal with them. This is the heart of Card Hunter strategy. If you always stick with the same items, or just equip the ones that appear to have the highest damage values, you are going to have a tough time defeating all the adventures. Often a seemingly very high quality card will be relatively useless against a certain monster type.

Each figure on the board represents a Character. You control three Characters, as does your opponent in Multi-player matches. Each monster is a Character. Each Character or Group in the game goes into battle with a set of cards according to what Items it is carrying. These cards are collectively referred to as it’s Deck. Each deck is shuffled randomly before the start of the battle, and the number of cards remaining can be seen alongside the owning Character’s portrait. When all the cards have been drawn from a Deck, it’s Discard pile is reshuffled into the Deck to replenish it. Killing opposing monsters or characters earns Victory stars. Most monsters are worth one, a few are worth more.

In Multi-player matches, killing an opposing character will get you 2 Victory stars. Sometimes a board will have glowing yellow squares on it, called Victory squares. These earn a Victory star for whichever player has the MOST characters occupying Victory squares at the end of the round.

Types of Card: -Attack cards, used to do damage or other bad things. -Move cards, allow you to move your character the designated number of squares. -Armor cards, these cannot be played, instead they remain in your hand until you are attacked, when they will trigger a die roll. -Block cards cannot be played and are triggered when a character is attacked. -Assist cards, these cards have a beneficial effect upon characters. -Utility cards, useful cards that move your enemies around or remove harmful terrain attachments. -Boost trigger when other cards are played to improve or change that card’s effects. -Drawback cards do bad things to you. Most Drawbacks are Traits and therefore MUST be played as a free action at the start of the owning player’s round.










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