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Darkfire Galaxies is a browser based social game, sci-fi space building game, Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS, MMO, RTS) game, with a dynamic Turn Based Combat System (TBS), free to play on web browser and on Facebook, from Blue Frog Gaming.

The players take on the role of a Human character and then begins the game by relocating to an uninhabited Homeworld and establishing a new base of operations. Beyond base building, the most important aspects of the game are Commanders and Starships. The ships are assigned into Fleets under the control of a Hero Commander character. Each Hero Commander has a total of three unique Power Abilities designed with a purpose that make each one special and useful for a variety of uses. Getting to know these Power Abilities and finding your play style is the heart of this game.

Darkfire Galaxies is a sci-fi space building game where the players can compete or join forces to control as much of the sprawling universe as possible. Players build their space by constructing various buildings like: Shipyard, Secure Hanger, Recruitment Agency, etc. Also a series of activities are present, like collecting resources, attacking other players, upgrade hero commander fleets, learning of special abilities that can be used to attack enemy fleets.

In Darkfire Galaxies, there are two distinct enemy races (Drogon and Onith) that are not controlled by players, and exist as threat for they. These enemies carry with them resources and a huge variety of valuable items that can be looted upon their defeat in battle. These enemies vary greatly in numbers and strength so being fully prepared for a battle and utilizing optimal strategies while in combat is often the best method to ensuring a profitable and victorious outcome.

This game has four different views, which player can switch to control various portions of the game:

- Surface View - the surface of planet which contains all building structures used to expand abilities and ships

- Orbit View - this holds orbital defense Command Center platform and is vital to the successful defense of planet’s resources

- Galaxy View - this view shows your planet in relation to everything else in the universe. From here you can attack enemy Drogon, Onith or seek out other players at an attempt to plunder their resources

- Battle View - this is the core of the game featuring the turn based combat system. From here you fight either another player or non-player enemies with each fleet taking their turn to attack, defend or use items.

Darkfire Galaxies was designed as a turn based combat game featuring starships controlled by character based Hero Commanders. Currently is allows up to seven Hero Commander fleets on each side of the battle (14 total fleets), so knowing which special ability to use on any given enemy fleet and in which order become the basis of strategic methods to winning the battle.


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