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Kingdoms of Camelot
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Kingdoms of Camelot is a Free to Play, City Builder MMO Game with RTS (real time strategy) elements.

Build the mightiest kingdom to rule Camelot! Battle rages in Camelot, the realm of legend ruled by the noble King Arthur and his famed Knights. The Wizard Merlin guides willing Lords and Ladies as they fight to build their mighty Kingdoms. Join one of three powerful Factions, the Briton, Druid or Fey and expand your Kingdom as you vie for Arthur’s favor and the chance to Rule Camelot.

In Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, the attack process involves gathering intelligence, preparing for combat, sending an attack, and holding conquered wilds or resources. Preparing for Combat: Making a strike against an enemy target is nothing to take lightly. It is best to use your highest level Knight to command your March (this will give your attacks a boost) and use many more troops in your attack than your enemy has in defense.

Sending an Attack: To send an attack, tap on your target on the map screen. From here, you will be taken to a menu that will allow you to select how many of your units you would like to send, and which Knight you would like to command them. Once you have made your selections, you will be able to launch your attack. Depending on how far apart your attacking city and your target are, it will take more or less time for the attack to arrive. Once the attack has been completed you will received an attack report to let you know if you achieved victory or not, and what you have gained in conquest.

Defending Your City: There are multiple steps that can be taken to defend your city -Wall Defenses, Storehouse, Hiding your Troops, Setting Troops to Defend and Reinforcements. You can choose whether your troops will defend against an incoming attack by selecting the Defend option in your Castle. If you believe you can defeat the incoming attack, you can set your troops to defend in an attempt to kill off the incoming attack. The troops you have stationed in the city will then defend against the incoming attack and engage the attacking troops. Defending troops receive a defensive bonus based on the level of Perimeter of the city. Wall defenses will also assist your troops in defending the city. If you believe your troops will be overwhelmed by the attacking force, it is better to set them to hide. This will prevent the attacking force from killing off your army. However, any resources that are not protected by your Supply Bunker can be looted by the attacking troops. Often it is better to lose some resources than to lose your entire army.



0 #1 Terrence 2015-06-11 00:26
Then, when you initially get started attacking people, return to getting the collectors around about degree six (despite the fact that perform balance it with defenses.

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