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Soldiers Inc.
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Soldiers Inc. is a Free to play, Real-Time Strategy (RTS), MMO Game available and playable on Facebook.

Soldiers Inc ,The year is 2019. International corporate powers struggle over dwindling resources and the discovery of the largest deposit of minerals in the known world has turned the Former Republic of Zandia into a corporate war zone - a black ops free-for-all waged by a new breed of legal mercenaries.

Take control of the world’s most elite private military contractors under the guidance of your shadowy mentor. This conflict will be fought by the best and won by the most ruthless – so grab your kit, bring your friends, pack plenty of ammo, and trust no one. In Zandia, war is big business… and business is good.

Build Your Base of Operations: -Exploit, steal, trade, or borrow the war materiel you need to turn your outpost into a fortress. -Defend yourself with the latest in automated gun turrets, artillery, tank traps, and more.

Hardcore MMORTS Gameplay: - Play with millions of hardcore players with a passion for deep strategy. Victory goes to those who choose their friends wisely, but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty solo. Allies and enemies can change at the drop of a bullet casing. -Join Partnerships, form Tactical Combines, use live chat, and participate in Joint Operations to maximize your impact on the battlefield.

Command the Most Lethal Forces on the Market: -Hire and deploy over 30 realistic units, mercenaries, and battlefield systems from the world’s most modern arsenals.


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