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HeroesGo is a Free to Play, 3D Dungeon Based, Fantasy, Role Playing MMO Game.

HeroesGo is a high-velocity fusion of classic dungeon-crawling adventure paired with unrelenting action-packed combat set in a detailed and diverse world featuring exotic locations, vibrant caracters, and an overarching storyline filed to the brim with mysteary and intrigue. This exciting experience is served to players in the form of a gameplay-focused 3D MORPG with all of the expansive social and customization features players have come to expect from ESTsoft, and it is entirely free-to-play.

Dive right into the world of HeroesGo and get involved in the mystery and aggression surrounding the mysteriuos being known, only as "The Dark Mage". Fall deeper into the mystery surrounding ''Migelin Town'' and help to shed some light on the war with Alfonso, Christian, Ruinel and Merliin!.



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