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Sunshine Bay
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Sunshine Bay is a Facebook based social game, city builder and management game, free to play on Facebook, from Game Insight.

Sunshine Bay gives the player an opportunity to stay on a tropical island where he can enjoy crystal-clear water, luxurious yachts, the sun, SPA and, of course, a great company. It’s a sunny island all year long, and there are numerous other features for spending a pleasant time:

- Buy yachts and send them all sailing over the world, from the Bahamas to Reykjavik

- Build luxury houses and restaurants to attract more tourists

- Visit your friends on neighboring islands

If you want to do more than just lounge on the beach, there’s mystery and intrigue to solve:

- You try to find out why you were chosen as the manager for the entire island.

- Find a map with a mysterious route and go out to the ocean, face fierce storms and sea monsters, and discover the treasure guarded on the ocean floor.

Sunshine Bay is a little shallow game, but if you want something fun and relaxing this game may be the right choice.



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