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Grepolis is a Browser-based Free to play, City Builder MMO Game taking places in ancient Greece period.

Grepolis can be considered a 4X browser game. It requires a player to Exploit resources, Expand their cities, Explore the oceans, and to Exterminate opposition.

Resources are the basis of your soon to be growing city. It is the way in which your city will grow from a simple small town into an island super power dominating your neighboring cities, there are 6 resources in Grepolis. All buildings, units, spells, and research will need some or all of these resources. Because resources are generated automatically, they will continue to accumulate even when you are not logged in to the game. In order for resources not to be wasted or lost, it is important to make sure you have room for the resources. You can ensure this by keeping your Warehouse large enough to store all of them.

Grepolis uses a very simple system in determining the outcome of battles. When the units meet in battle, the basic attack values of the attacking unit is compared to the defending unit's defensive value of the corresponding weapon type, here are 3 weapon type. If you order your troops to a location, but then change your mind for whatever reason, you can cancel the order within the first 10 minutes of the travel period. This can be a very useful tactic to employ as it may cause a player to enlist their Militia and send their own troops out of the city. However, after the 10 minutes are past, you will not be able to recall your troops.

If you find yourself under attack, it will likely be for one of two reasons: the attacker wants your resources, or to take over your city. In Revolt worlds, players may put a city into revolt as a way to panic the other player, but if there is no Colony Ship en route to your city, you can assume that all they want are your resources. To help prevent numerous attacks, there are a few things that you can do to make your city less attractive: -If you are in an alliance, contact them and ask for support. -Increase the level of your wall to gain a better defensive bonus, -Build more defensive troops to help defeat the attacking army, -Enlist the city militia, -Increase the size of your warehouse to protect more resources, -Use up as much of your resources as possible to deny the attacking player any loot.

On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek Parthenon: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hades, Poseidon or Artemis. Their favor could be essential in your victory or defeat.


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