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Tank Town
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Tank Town is a browser based social game, Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game (MMO, MMOAG), free to play on web browser and on Facebook, from Voomga.

Tank Town is a casual game that features 5 vs 5 team battles, custom tanks and lots of special abilities and packs a unique twist into the browser tank arena.

The player will roll into the world of tank action and will take control of 12 custom tanks and over 32 abilities. He will have the opportunity to test his skills and maneuver around deadly missiles, set Venus fly-traps for his enemies and go invisible.

In Tank Town are available several play modes: Carnage (Free-for-All up to 5v5), Stronghold (Capture the Flag), Base Assault (take out your enemy’s base), Multi-Round Tournaments, Guild Battles, Single Player Instances, Multiplayer Campaigns

Overall, Tank Town is a decent game with an interesting gameplay, a well done graphics, succeeding to be fun and entertaining.




+1 #1 nathanielaseo 2015-01-16 11:11
ive played tank town lng time ago and i loved the game but why is it that the game said that NOT FOUND (ORIGIN)
can u explain to me y is that happening

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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