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Eternal Saga
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Eternal Saga is a browser based social game, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG, MMO, RPG), free to play on web browser, from R2Games.

Eternal Saga is a story driven game, who set the action in an fantasy world populated with demons, fairies, monsters, and various NPCs that will help you in your efforts to save the world from evil.

In this game you can choose your hero’s class - Mage, Warrior, or Hunter - each one with their unique abilities. You advance in game and gain level by doing various quests. You complete your task by talking to an NPC, collecting an item, or killing some monsters, and then automatically run to the next place so you can turn your completed quest in and pick up a new one.

In Eternal Saga are a lot of routines that are automated, so you can avoid the tedium of repetitive game mechanics, and reduce the boring parts of MMORPGs, like walking across the world to get to your quest location.

There are various systems that let you modify your gear (can be enchanted, refined, and tempered), pets (can be trained, fused, and morphed), and mounts. Gems can be synthesized and placed in the sockets of your equipment. About 20 different daily events are disponoble, from boss fights and PVP to minigames like fishing and gem gathering. Of course, the player can join a guild to benefit to guild quests and earn guild skills.

Eternal Saga has an impressive graphics and quite good sound. The backgrounds have nice details and subtle animations, and NPCs portraits are beautifully realized.



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